At Aloha Yoga, two types of massage are offered:


Therapeutic Yoga Massage

This meditative massage is an experience in it's self. A skillful use of movement, stretches coherent to the massage along the meridian lines at the same time, makes this technique very deep and therapeutic. This wonderful combination enhances natural circulation of vitality within the body. This massage is practised fully dressed, on a futon insuring free flowing and cozy movements. 


It is a great way to get rid of stress and tensions, help fight of a nasty cold or simply realign the body. The benefits are felt up to 3 days after receiving the massage. 

Skillfully adapted for the pregnant woman or for the mother and her newborn present with her.


Sweedish Massage 

This is an oil massage practised on table. A great way to reduce physical tensions and simply relax.

Skillfully adapted for the pregnant woman.


Book an appointment by calling: 514.962.5642 - Our massages are 90 minutes long.