Complementary and alternative medicine 

The body must move, even the bones that seem immobile (think about the skull) have to move at least a little. Just as the structure of a bridge is designed to move a little. When movement is suddenly limited slightly or completely, problems occur. The surrounding structures will compensate thusly creating tensions that can lead to various troubles.

Causes can be known and quite obvious or may be difficult to discern and can be quite varied, like inflammation, trauma, a fall, sports injury, etc.


Osteopathy is the science of proper movement of the body's various structures. It's objective is to help the body gain movement again or make sure that everything is well tuned so that every part may move and work properly.

It is a very gentle, yet efficient holistic approach to health.

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Here are a few instances where osteopathy is quite helpful:



By making sure the body structures move properly, the osteopath helps gain or maintain a good synergy within all body systems. Is is useful mainly for: 


. Respiratory system: proper mobility of the diaphragm, thoracic cage (in cases of d'asthma, etc.)

. Digestive system: proper digestion, assimilation and elimination, etc.

. Proper sleep, reduce or eliminate teeth clenching during sleep, etc.

. Eliminate migraines or frequent headaches