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Ahuntsic Schedule

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Our regular Yoga classes are open to everyone.  No registration required. Simply show up 10 minutes before class.

Please check the home page for the holidays.

For all  Doux  *
* Welcome to pregnante woman


For All

At Aloha Yoga, we recognize that nobody has the same needs and our individual needs also change with time. For this reason, we believe that a yoga practice should be adapted to everyone's particular need in the moment. Each class is unique. Our approach, philosophy and technique with which we create your practices permits us to tailor exceptional classes that are right for you.

Our highly skilled teachers offert the proper adjustments or modifications according to students needs, regardless of student experience. Our physical practices are designed to clear and still the busy mind, hence creating the right grounds for wellness.

No registration required. Show up 10 minutes before class.



A gentle class that encourages inner calm and recuperation. Practiced with various props, postures are held longer without physical effort, allowing deep relaxation to take place. An excellent practice for regenerative sleep or recovery of various sorts.

Great complement to prenatal yoga.

Open to all.