Naturopathy helps regain your general balance and harmony in a natural way.

The naturopath fosters a holistic (global) looks at the person as a whole: physically, structurally, psychologically, its professional and its social spheres, lifestyle habits and general environment. With a global view of the person, we get a better perspective on what seeks to be restored. Every individual is unique and so is every manifestation and every cause. This is why the naturopath seeks a global view in order to find the right solutions.

We help with physical dis-ease such as:

• Skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.)

• Difficult digestion (constipation, chronic bloating, acid reflux, difficult assimilation of nutriments, etc.)

• Chronic pains of various origins, fibromyalgia

• Frequent headaches or migraines

• Respiratory problems (asthma, respiratory re-education)

• Woman : Difficult PMS, amenorrhea (cessation of menses), dysmenorrhea (over abundant menses), irregular or light menses, menopause (see specialisation at the bottom of the page),


As well as nervous or psychological troubles such as:

• Anxiety or depression

• Chronic fatigue, burnout

• Insomnia

• Eating disorders

• Attention deficit 

Or even implementing new lifestyle changes like:

• Withdrawal from various substances

• Healthier eating habits

• Establishing a healthier lifestyle

Our approach

The body, just like nature, has the ability to maintain perfect balance (homeostasis) all on its own. This balance is dynamic and alive however, when it is altered severely, various problems occur. We then need to give the body what it needs to restore its natural capacity of auto-regulation and recovery. 

Different approaches may be considered, every therapist is unique and hence, works differently. At Aloha Yoga, we work according to the principles found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, adapted nutrition, the use of medicinal herbs as well as biomechanics and knowledge gained from modern scientific research. By combining these complementary approaches instead of working only with a single perspective, we gain a larger view of health, dis-eases and possible ways to pacify the human body.

We work along with the client so that each individual is involved in their own recovery. We assist so that health is restored, by educating, empowering, giving the right tools and a coherent plan of action toward recovery that is properly aligned with the person’s reality.     

The naturopath gives guidance and does not give diagnosis nor prescriptions of any kind. In any case, we are able to work along any modern medical approach that is already underway. We can help ease discomfort from side-effects, enhance quality of rest, proper mindset or nutrition in order to get the most out of any ongoing treatment.  

Specialisation: perinatal, fertility et péri--menopause

We are specialized in helping women in all of her various cycles:

Perinatal/ fertility

• Pacify a difficult pregnancy,

• Services of coaching couples toward a conscious childbirth,

• Natural care of the newborn (skin care, nursing, etc.),

• Lactation difficulties,

• Encourage the process of childbirth, enhance factors leading to childbirth

• Coaching couples going through fertility processes.  


• Reduce discomforts linked to hormonal changes (irritability, insomnia, hot flashes, etc.)

• Enhance quality of life (psychologically, physically, emotionally) during this transition

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